Helllllo Ohio!

We made it to Cleveland!  Despite 3 hour plane delays, lost baggage, sprinting to make connections we landed (safely) amidst a red sky and thunderstorm in CLE.  We’re going to be settled in here for a few weeks, getting the boat (and ourselves) ready for departure, with a goal of a mid-Sept launch.

The past couple of weeks have been a blur, with frantic packing and cleaning, but it was really special to see so many of our friends, and spend time with my (Caitie’s) family before leaving.

Milestone #1 complete – now to move onto a boat!

Also, for those who’ve been asking, here is a ROUGH timeline and map of where we plan to be over the next few months.  Don’t hold us to it though… They say the most dangerous thing to have on a boat is a schedule!

Operation Tropication rough timeline

Operation Tropication rough timeline