Erieau, Ontario



After landing in Cleveland and spending a few days recuperating from the craziness of packing/leaving Vancouver, it was time to take our first cruise on TARA.  Our goals were pretty simple: Get a feel for the boat and understand where we needed to focus our $$ and time over the next few weeks.

So why not sail across the lake to Canada??  The destination: Erieau, Ontario.

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What can I say about Erieau? Neither Caitie nor I knew this place existed and frankly thought it was a joke (I mean, c’mon – we’re sailing on Lake Erie…and the town is called Erieau?).  It’s hard to judge because we didn’t really leave the marina and apparently there’s a brew pub in town…but let’s just say we saw several t-shirts which proudly read, “Erieau: A drinking town with a fishing problem”.  All jokes aside, they treated everyone in the marina to a Labour Day BBQ with live music…apparently they fed 300 people!!!  The food was good so we couldn’t be too hard on ’em 😉

The best part was that my grandma/uncle/aunt came down from Cambridge/Kitchener to hang out for the evening.

The sail over and back was awesome!  TARA was happily averaging over 6 knots in both directions…The boat felt solid.  We’re pumped!

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Next: Time to get down and dirty for the next few weeks with upgrades and preparing to de-step the mast for the Erie Canal.

"YOU better trim that jib!"

“YOU better trim that jib!”