Haul out day!

We wanted to do one last check of our hull, rudder, through-hulls etc. and apply a fresh couple of coats of anti-fouling paint before we headed towards the Atlantic.  Our current coat, while still relatively new, is meant for cold/fresh water and we are headed to warm/salty, where more marine life is likely to try to grow on our boat.

The Harbormaster at the MHYC operated the crane which lifted our boat (all 7600 lbs of ballast) up on two straps and onto “the hard” for us, where it will remain for a few days of maintenance and painting.  This was, despite Mark’s cool appearance, still a humbling experience.


The next couple of days will be filled with two coats of fresh paint, so get ready for painters jumpsuits, respirators and safety goggles – DIY/Breaking Bad style.

  • Walter P

    Fantastic action pics Caitie!