Farewell Party!

This afternoon we had a lovely surprise going away party courtesy of the Mentor Harbor Yachting Club “East Beach Party Squad”.


Seriously, since we’ve been here over the past few weeks, we’ve made a lot of good friends.  The crew here has taken us in with open arms and we couldn’t be more grateful.  We’ve received loads of advice, encouragement, and enthusiasm and are getting started on the right foot (or keel, as it were).

Special thanks to Bob and Heather for organizing!


  • Herb

    Have the time of your lives! Love the blog! We will be following you closely!

  • PL

    Awesome pix…looks like a great party…love the familia photos….what a great send off!!

  • Mary Lyn

    We are SO excited for you both embarking on this amazing adventure! Stay safe – make memories – keep in touch!! Bon Voyage!!

  • Daniele

    I will be keeping a close eye on your progress! Keep posting great photos!

    • Caitlin Lefroy

      Merci Daniele! Hope to see you down south :)