“No Diesel For You”



Soooo after de-stepping (day 3) we encountered the infamous Denny Wardell at the entrance to the Erie Canal.  He’s known for a number of things (read some reviews on Active Captain), but most specifically his hot button issue: Destepping masts.  Basically, if you don’t destep with him, he won’t sell you diesel.

We were down to a 1/4 tank, entering the canal and he has a prime spot right there….his only competition across the way was “SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON”.  So what could we do?

I had a lovely exchange with him on the telephone which went basically like this “NO!  I won’t sell you diesel.  Why would I?  I make $20 bucks off you, while the guys down the way at Rich Marine make $300?  No thanks.  Have fun in the Canal without any fuel.  GOODBYE.”

Thanks Denny.


Fortunately our luck changed once we got in the canal.  Aside from him, we’ve met some of the nicest people ever.