First big day in the Canal

(Yesterday) The 26th was our first real day in the canal, and it was filled with “oohs” and “ahhhs”.  We wanted to take this route because we figured it would really take us through small town America, and so far it hasn’t disappointed!  As we motor along, we pass tiny towns, corn fields, apple orchards and small houses dotting the shore.  Every so often we need to call a bridge operator for a lift, but otherwise it’s all about keeping the boat in the middle of the waterway and enjoying the scenery.

IMG_8251 IMG_8257 IMG_8282 IMG_8339

We transited our first two locks in Lockport, and met the kind lock masters there.  John took me up to the gas station up the way in his Subaru to get a 5 gallon can of diesel.  Thanks John!  All in all the locks were pretty easy, but word on the street is they get harder when the water level is rising vs. falling…

IMG_8270 IMG_8271

As we motored past Gasport (ironically named) we saw a tiny little “Yacht Club”-slash-marina and asked if they had diesel.  Craig, the operator, responded, “Well, I can get ya some!”.  Sure enough I popped in his truck, we zipped up to the gas station and got another 20 gallons (and a 30 rack of beer).  This top up, plus the jerry can from Lockport and we were at a full tank.  See how easy that is??  Man, people are so friendly!

IMG_8305 IMG_8307 IMG_8314

Our day ended at Holley, New York – a small town of 1500 people with a little square, diner, grocery store, and pizza joint.  We tied to really nice docks with free power, water, bathrooms, and showers, and had a nice relaxing night.


  • Mary Lyn

    Oh my goodness. What beautiful scenery! I love the sunrise pic. Still water. Morning mist. What a beautiful time of year! Keep the posts coming!

    • Caitlin Lefroy

      Thanks Mary Lyn! We’re thinking of you lots – glad we got to meet up with Carly this week too!

  • Aaron White

    Hi Guys! Looks like you are having a great beginning to your adventure! I’m actually a fellow sailor, member of the Mayfield Yacht Club and live in Amsterdam, NY near lock 11. It would be a privilege to meet you guys at the docks when you come through since I am looking to do am similar journey in the future! Safe traveling and I hope to see you guys in a few days!

    • Caitlin Lefroy

      Hi Aaron! Thanks for your message, and glad you found our blog. We’ll shoot you a note when we get closer, maybe we can meet you en route!