Days of our lives

Approaching Haverstraw cove after a long day motoring down the Hudson River.  We’d done lengthy research about how tricky the entrance is (only 5-6 feet deep at low water + a 2 foot deep submerged concrete hazard/island on the north side of the channel), and we were watching the depth sounder closely.  We had read that the hazard may or may not be marked, and having never been here before were weary about what we may/may not find.

Caitie: “OK I’m going to the bow to post a lookout.  Call out the depths to me”

Mark: “OK, hold on…just in case we do touch ground, hang on…you may jerk forward”

C: OK.

M: Um…4 feet on the depth sounder.

C: Really?!

M: 3.8 feet…?!


M:  We’re not aground though!  The boat is floating….we’re not aground yet.  It should be 6 feet in one boat length…

C: Don’t get too close to these submerged pilings on the south side either…

M: Ok.  5 feet

M: Ok. 7 feet

M: 9 feet

C: (thumbs up)

C:  OK, the submerged wall is definitely marked.  See the two markers on the north side of the channel?

M: Yep!  11 feet

C: (thumbs up)

Mark and Caitie continue on, inching their way ahead on the south shore of the channel, eventually getting into 20 feet of water and dropping the anchor.  

FAST FORWARD to 20 min later…Safely anchored, first beer cracked.

C: Hey looks like we might have a motor boat joining us

M: …

C: Um, is he going to avoid the submerged wall?

M: Doesn’t look like it.  Should I say something?  (does nothing)

C: Oh my god, he thinks the obstruction markers are channel markers…he’s going between them!

M: …

C: …

SLAM.  The motor boat runs aground SO HARD he pops up and is stuck on the submerged wall.

C: oh my gosh did that just happen?

M: Yeah he is completely stuck.  Jesus.  (thinking should I pump up the dinghy and go help him??)

C: Is he going to try to to through again?

M: No way…he’s going to pop it in reverse and try to GTFO.

Boat reverses (medium throttle) and nothing happens.  Boat owner starts leaning over the side and reverses (full throttle) and boat starts to come loose…he finally comes free and turns to leave the anchorage with his tail between his legs.  Mark and Caitie sit and stare in awe.

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