OK so…I have a bone to pick with Ohio and New York states (Pennsylvania I didn’t even go to shore so I have no idea about you):  I have had to throw into the garbage more cans, bottles, and plastic recyclable containers in the past month since I’ve been in the United States, than I have in the past 20 years living in Vancouver (I know I’m setting myself up for a joke about how much beer we’re drinking, but bear with me…).  I’m not sure if there is just a lack of access to facilities for boaters, or if this is a general population trend, but it is appalling and I am ashamed to be partaking in it.  The facilities we’ve frequented for the past month have been, for the most part, spectacular – but this is my one complaint since being on this trip.

P.S. I know this is not an America-wide phenomenon (I’m looking at you San Fran/Cascadia)…GET IT TOGETHER EVERYBODY ELSE.

End rant,

Love Caitie

(ADDENDUM: NYC is up to speed with recycling trends, so they are exempt from this rant)

  • Bretton MacLean

    This drove me crazy too – the only 2 spots in our entire New York trip that had any kind of recycling services were Illion and the Riverview Marina in Catskills.

    I remember asking about recycling the first time I made this trip and just getting confused looks. Somehow my own confused looks didn’t illustrate how ridiculous it was…