The Atlantic.

We made it! Hot damn we set a few records for ourselves today:
-first sail in the Atlantic Ocean
-first night sail/incredibly early morning departure
-first 20knot breeze sailing on Tara
-longest day ever sailed (90 nautical miles)
-first time to Atlantic City
Annnnnnnd most jersey shore ever seen in one day (literally)

It was really a big one for us. I didn’t sleep a wink last night because I was teetering on the go/no-go decision…but we made the right one- We went, and we went safely. Now we are happily anchored just off of Harrah’s casino.


Plus! Another bird landed on me and made friends today. I’m hoping this will be a trend :)


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  • Drew Rickard

    WOOT, WOOT!!! Awesome job you guys!! So happy to hear it went well! I went upstairs and saw Chris today and we were pulling for you!

  • Mary Lyn

    So excited for you on this great milestone of a day! Congratulations on all of your firsts!