Happy Halloween from Chesapeake City!

We made it!!! Sunrise to sunset, to the minute (with impeccable current timing) we made it down and around Cape May, up the Delaware Bay, up the Delaware River and through the C&D canal today. It was long, tiring, wave-crashy and cold BUT we are finally off the Jersey coast!


For Halloween this year, we’re dressed as two kids who think it’s fun to sail in the North Atlantic at the end of October :)

Happy Halloween!

  • http://Brettonmaclean.com Bretton MacLean


    Congrats guys! The Chesapeake is lots more fun than the Delaware, and after that it’s alllllllll smooth sailing from there. Bahamas are closer than you think :)

    Happy Halloween guys – I went as Michael J Fox’s Teen Wolf back up here in Toronto, and you guys would be SHOCKED to discover how few people recognized such an icon. I’d much rather have had your costumes than mine though 😉

    • http://Brettonmaclean.com Bretton MacLean

      Oh sweet, somehow I managed to get a free picture of Mark’s pin-extraction in my reply 😉

      (Lemme know if you need help fixing that)

      • markperil@gmail.com

        Thanks Brett!!

        Yeah we could use your help for all of our tech/website/software related endeavors :) How do we fix that lil’ glitch?

        Any “must see” stops along the Chesapeake? We’re trying to make tracks, but should force ourselves to get out and check some spots along the way…