We had a moment yesterday when we were getting fuel…when we saw a sign that said “Deltaville, VA” and Caitie looks at me and says “oh my gosh, are we in Virginia?!”…of course I played it all cool, being Captain and all but honestly I hadn’t even realized myself that we’d crossed into a new state (a fact I admitted later).

It turned out to be a balmy 60-something degrees with 5 knots of wind behind us and we spent the day talking about how we had crossed into our first “southern” state.

We enjoyed looking at the maps to see just how much progress we have made since the start of our adventure a little over 6 weeks ago.




If all goes well, we will start the official ICW today. We are going to take the “dismal swamp” route (google it). Here’s hoping its nicer than its name suggests :)

  • Jeff

    Sailin’ down south to the land of the pines,
    Floatin’ your way into North Caroline
    Starin up the ICW,
    Pray to god you see free showers…


    Caught up with you guys a bit this morning, glad to hear things are going well. Miss you both, talk soon!