Phase Two.

We are back on the water, and have officially commenced phase two.

What is phase two, you ask?  Phase two is when we stress less, warm up, and enjoy more.  period.

We realized that, after reflecting on the first half of the adventure, we have been on such a mission to make progress south, that we viewed any delay as a setback…every day was targeted to be 50 miles…and any anchorage with good holding acceptable as long as it wasn’t too far off the trail.  There were places we missed, because they fell outside of the “plan”.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have seen and done some amazing things since we cast off on September 23rd, and we are ecstatic to have made it as far as we have SAFELY…but we have spent a lot of that time feeling pretty cold, waiting for weather, and often kinda stressed out about “progress” and making sure we “do everything right”.  I know, I know, tough life not working and traveling on the water, but it actually HAS been a challenging couple of months for us.  Anyone who knows us knows that we like to be in control and to have a plan, and this trip has been an exercise in learning to go with the flow and learning to let go of our control and just live in the moment.  It’s been hard learning!

So, after the most relaxing Thanksgiving break we could ask for, we are striving to live more in the moment, to not stress too much about every little boat/anchorage/marina thing, and to be present.  Tonight we saw dolphins playing in our wake as we anchored, followed closely by large pelicans swooping and diving as the sun set over the South Carolina marshland surrounding our anchorage.

Commence Phase Two.




  • Bretton MacLean

    Love this! It’s far too easy to lose track of the fact that you’re supposed to be *enjoying* yourselves when you’re focused on hitting milestones.

    (Also sorry for not calling you guys back yet – I’m the worst)