Caitie’s BIRTHDAY!

Caitie said one of her “bucket list” items was to celebrate a birthday in a warm place (those poor December babies!) and I think we’ve finally checked it off.  We’re anchored in Daytona Beach, Florida, and Caitie turned the big 3-0 today (which apparently is the new 20).

We hit it hard with coffee n’ cinnamon buns in the morning, had a gorgeous sunny day on the water, followed by a champagne crab leg feast once we’d anchored.

Happy birthday Caitie!!!

IMG_7926 IMG_7934 IMG_7938 IMG_7943

  • Drew Rickard

    Happy Birthday Caitie! What a great way to celebrate! Loving the posts, keep em coming!

  • Chris Journeyman

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Bretton MacLean

    Happy Birthday! My sisters turned 30 a couple weeks ago and they can confirm that it is indeed the new 20. Congrats on making it down to Florida, Merry Christmas to y’all, and keep livin dat dream!